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Feb 2023

Bila kita ada semangat nak ngetest plug-in tapi tetiba terkejut tak le nak add API (Application Programming Interface) kat Google Cloud sebab ada tunggakan, macam pelik sahaja. Mula-mula tanya student mualaf sebab dia ni seorang programmer, tapi tak le nak setel jugak. Dia pun dah ilang dah, WA pun sampai takat reach sahaja (double tick), tak sampai ke martabat read (blue tick). Tapi takpe, dengan penuh keberanian untuk speaking dan berkat bantuan translate.google.com, contact google help untuk dapatkan kepastian.

Ini adalah jawapan dari google support:

Hello Muhammad Hakimi bin Mustapai,

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Billing Support. I understand you have questions about why you have a charge . I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this. 

Upon a review on your billing account 01729E-3FF4D2-FA4EF4 I was able to confirm that the Billing Account was signed for a free trial period on  March 19, 2020. Normally, once the trial has ended, the system automatically closes the account to avoid unwanted charges. However, looking at the account, it shows that it was manually upgraded into a paid one by March 19, 2021 and due that, charges continue to accrue because there’s a project left in the account with billable resources running in the background after the expiration of the Free trial period. 

Currently there is a pending balance of  MYR 733.67 which was never paid since the April 2021 date, in order to keep using the GCP services you will need to pay the amount mentioned using the instructions on the next article [1] .

I hope you find the information provided useful, I will keep this case open for now should you need further assistance. Please know I’m fully committed to your case and your satisfaction, so feel free to reply to this email if you have further Cloud Billing related questions and I’ll be happy to help.

Have a great day,

Maka bermula sesi rayuan:

thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

I want to ask if any chance for me to cancel the pending payment because i no more active of the project and forget to delete that after my un-active. I afraid that the charge still continued for 2023 after this.

Or do i need to create a new account to use the trial console?

Google jawab:

Hello Muhammad Hakimi bin Mustapai,

Thanks for the reply. I will be assisting you today as Uriel is out of the office.

I will create a consult with my downstream team to request an adjustment (please have in mind this adjustment is subject to approval therefore, it could be partially/fully approved or denied). We will follow up with you on Feb 3rd or sooner in case we receive a faster response.


Google Cloud Billing Support, Mexico City

dari mexico tu.

Dan taraaaa…


console cloud google

Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih ya Allah. Risau sebab jumlah tu akan bertambah lagi tahun 2023 ni. Rupanya bila subscribe mana-mana pakej google, hilanglah status trial tersebut. Ambe langgan google One sebab nak simpan gambar. Amik yang paling murah sahaja, RM85 setahun. Dapatlah 100GB, walaupun rasa sikit sangat, tapi tu jer la poket mampu bayo. Hahaha…

Dan macam biasa, mereka akan hantar survey. Kita bagi semua 5 stars.. Hehehe…

Gracias Google (Mr Uriel and Mr Gil)

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